Preparing Your AC for Summer

4 Tips to Get Your AC Ready for Summer! Summer is officially here and we’ve already had days that made us fall even more in love with our AC unit. But, with the heat we are also getting lots of calls of AC units kicking off before many of us even had the chance to …

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HVAC: 5000 Square Feet

HVAC: DO WE DO COMMERCIAL? We get asked a lot if we provide commercial HVAC services. We do! Below are pictures of a recent installation of two Rheem 7.5 ton Gas electric packaged units with zoning systems on each and two Fujitsu Mini Split systems at a 5,000 square foot commercial building.

HVAC: The Octopus

HVAC: What Plan? This geothermal system was noisy and not providing the expected level of comfort to the home. The Comfort Consultants were on the case. Upon arrival we determined the customer selected the right brand of equipment and didn’t cut any corners. But this installation was set up to fail, before it ever began, …

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HVAC: Wires Crossed

HVAC: Wires Crossed This customer was spending a lot of money to not be comfortable. When their electric bills reached more than $1600 in the last 3 months and their air conditioning would turn on for 3 hours and then kick the heat on for 30 minutes, the decided to call us in to inspect. …

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HVAC: Duct Tape Fail

HVAC: Duct Tape Fail It was a cold winter day., so why would frigid air be pumping into the house like the AC was on full blast? It was a job for the Comfort Consultants. Darren arrived to inspect the situation, and found a 12 x 12 square cut into the drywall to install a …

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HVAC: Melted Wire

HVAC: Melted Wire The day started just like any other day, the HVAC system was running smoothly, until it wasn’t. There was only one thing to do, bring in the Comfort Cosultants. Darren inspected the unit and discovered a couple of loose wires outside. He cleaned the wires and secured them with new wire nuts. …

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