HVAC: Duct Tape Fail

It was a cold winter day., so why would frigid air be pumping into the house like the AC was on full blast? It was a job for the Comfort Consultants.

Darren arrived to inspect the situation, and found a 12 x 12 square cut into the drywall to install a return to the master bedroom. The company who installed it, had used a piece of fiberglass ductboard with a collar cut in it.

These MacGyvers used duct tape to secure the ductboard to the back of the drywall. Wrong application!!! The duct tape dried out and the ductboard and collar fell off into the attic where it was sucking in freezing cold air.

No wonder the customer thought the AC was running in the middle of winter.


Darren properly secured the 12×12 boot and collar for the return (seen below). Heat was working again. Another case closed.