5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter is coming. Whether you’re expecting feet of snow or just below-average temperatures, here are five crucial things you should do to prepare your home for the cold.

#1 Winterize Your Irrigation Systems
If you have in-ground irrigation systems or hoses and sprinklers, you need to get them ready for the winter. Turn off the water to all outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems, drain the water from hoses or irrigation system by letting it run for a few minutes, then roll up and store any hoses you have outside. You also need to check all sprinkler heads to make sure they are in good condition and retracted into the ground. 

#2 Clean and Store Gardening Supplies
Rakes, shovels, hoes, and any other gardening tools you may have used over the summer need to be washed and dried. Clean and check mowers, blowers, and other power tools you use for your garden and lawn. If you notice anything wrong, now is the perfect time to drop off any equipment for service or a checkup since you won’t be using it. 

#3 Seal Around Windows and Doors
To avoid losing heat during the winter, you should caulk, seal, and weatherstrip around your doors and windows. The majority of home heating escapes through unprepared doors and windows. Spending a few minutes doing this now not only saves you money but also keeps you warm and chilly drafts out. Call your local power company or EMC to see if they provide a free check of your home for leaks and insulation problems, this way you can get them fixed before it gets too cold. 

#4 Check Your Roof and Gutters
Heavy rains, accumulated snow, and ice can cause significant damage to a roof that isn’t in quality condition. Have a good look at your roof to make sure it is in good shape, clean your gutters, and blow off any leaves or pine straw that has accumulated on your roof. If you have an attic, use a flashlight to check for any leaks. If in doubt, have a roofer come by and take a look. 

#5 Have Your Furnace and Fireplace Inspected
Your heating systems will be running a lot this winter, so it’s essential to prepare your furnace or fireplace. You don’t want anything to break down on a cold weekend night and be unable to get it repaired quickly. You should change your furnace filters before the season. If you want to be proactive, have the system checked and serviced by a qualified HVAC contractor (like us – text 859-397-5072 for preventative maintenance). Check the flue and chimney on your fireplace. You also might want to have a chimney sweep come clean and check everything. Make sure you are stocked up on dry, seasoned firewood if your fireplace is wood-burning. If it’s gas, make sure it works, and there are no leaks or funny smells.

Being proactive can make the difference between a miserable and cozy winter. Enjoy a warm and comfortable season by being proactive and preparing before it gets too cold.