HVAC: Melted Wire

The day started just like any other day, the HVAC system was running smoothly, until it wasn’t. There was only one thing to do, bring in the Comfort Cosultants.

Darren inspected the unit and discovered a couple of loose wires outside. He cleaned the wires and secured them with new wire nuts.

The HVAC System was back to normal and all was right in the world again…or so Darren thought.  

Approximately 30 days later, the system began experiencing similar symptoms. Darren returned to do a thorough investigation of the unit, removing the top and examining each wire. There she was, the culprit, a melted wire. She’d even left her mark on the copper tubing. Darren quietly took care of the situation, replacing the melted wire with new wire and inserted a plastic strap to keep the wire from touching the hot copper.

That melted wire was never seen or heard from again. Case closed.