HVAC: What Plan?

This geothermal system was noisy and not providing the expected level of comfort to the home. The Comfort Consultants were on the case. Upon arrival we determined the customer selected the right brand of equipment and didn’t cut any corners. But this installation was set up to fail, before it ever began, because there was no plan. As you can see in the pictures, there is flex run everywhere with no main trunk duct. This problem should have never happened.  If this were a Comfort Consultants install, we would have designed a separate main trunk in metal for each zone and half as much flex to direct our air. See the images below for what a zoned project should look like.

If your HVAC system sounds like a demon is trapped inside it or your home is not comfortable, call us at 859-397-5072 or schedule service online. If you are installing a new system, also call us, so you don’t end up with this.

What a zoned project should look like...

We separated each zone into a main trunk duct. We are able to control the static pressure of each run, this reduces noise and hot and cold spots.