HVAC: Wires Crossed

This customer was spending a lot of money to not be comfortable. When their electric bills reached more than $1600 in the last 3 months and their air conditioning would turn on for 3 hours and then kick the heat on for 30 minutes, the decided to call us in to inspect. And it’s a good thing they did. Darren Scott Birch found two of the wires were crossed on the outdoor unit causing the unit to run in the cooling mode and turning on the back up heat strips. This is most expensive way to not be comfortable. As you can see the wires were left out in the open, which is not a good idea, especially given the wet conditions we’ve been experiencing. Darren cleaned the wires up and strapped them under the electrical box. We generally put wires in the electrical compartment, but in this case they were not long enough.

If your bills seem outrageous and your AC is running in the middle of winter (well that’s probably connected), but call us stat (859-397-5072)…we’ll fix your issue for a fraction of what you’ll pay in utilities cost.

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