Buying Air Filters - Save Your Money

Buying air filers likely isn’t something you’re putting much thought into. Some people may assume that buying the most expensive filter is best, because “hey, you get what you pay for, right?” But when looking closer, it may be like trying to find the difference between ketchup and catsup. 

Our recommendation is to not focus so heavily on buying the most expensive filters, they truly are not worth the money. The more common pleated filters will work sufficiently and efficiently as you would expect, making everything run smoothly.

If you’re willing to dish out the dough for the expensive filters due to allergy sensitivities or asthma-related issues, it might be worth installing our Air Scrubber, which will go above and beyond what even the most expensive air filter can offer..

Buy this Basic Pleated Air filter – 3 Pack at Lowe’s for only $8.97

Save  your money and pass on this $16.97 filter (for 1 filter)