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AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance for your home is much like maintenance on your hair. You don’t realize how much you needed it until you get that perfect cut. Scheduling routine maintenance will keep your system performing at a higher level, cutting your energy bill year after year. Not to mention you’ll be feeling cool and looking cooler. Well, at least feeling cool, that’s really all we can help with.

Whether you need basic air conditioning services or would like to set up a long-term maintenance plan to prevent and avoid emergencies, Fitz’s Friends has the perfect plan for you and you can go about your day confidently knowing you will be taken care of. 

Are You a Weekend Warrior?

First thing to do whenever performing maintenance on your air conditioning unit, is to turn off the power to the unit. This is for both your safety most importantly, but also for the equipment and unit itself. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the power to the unit. This seems simple enough, but to do this you need to go to your breaker or fuse box. Find the switch that is labeled for the HVAC unit, if it’s not labeled, you can always turn off the main breaker, but this will turn off the power to your home. Some systems have switches directly connected to the HVAC system that look like a light switch. 
  2. Test the unit. To ensure you turned off the power to the unit, adjust the temperature by at least 5 degrees (test the heat in the winter and the AC in the summer).
  3. After performing whatever maintenance you were planning on doing, turn the power back on to the unit.

This may seem like a lot just to begin doing some maintenance yourself, so always feel free to give us a call to schedule with us!

Here Are A Few DIY AC Maintenance Items For Your Checklist:

  • Clean the outdoor AC Condenser Unit
  • Level your AC Condenser Unit
  • Clean your evaporator coils
  • Check to unclog condensate drain line
  • Change the blower filter

This isn’t the easiest list to tackle, especially for a first timer! Call us today at 859-397-7052 and we’ll get you squared away!


Call Comfort Consultants today (859-397-7052) if your experiencing furnace issues, or would like to schedule routine maintenance and pre-season maintenance to prevent furnace repair in the middle of winter.


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