Get Comfortable

 Getting you out of uncomfortable situations (well, not every uncomfortable situation, like that time you saw your grandma naked, we can’t help you with that) is what we do. We can fix your broken air conditioner or furnace, install your ceiling fan or big HD TV correctly, replace your water heater, and give you the ultimate smart home.

Areas of service include Frankfort, Georgetown, Lawrenceburg, Lexington, Nicholasville, Sadieville, Wilmore and Versailles


  • HD TV Install
  • Ceiling Fan Install
  • Receptacle Installation
  • Smoke & CO2 Detectors
  • Attic Fan Installations
  • GFCI Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Security Lighting


  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Panel/Service Upgrades


  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Code Violation Repairs

Comfort Consultants makes your home smarter, by putting all your smart appliances, devices and systems on one custom app, allowing you to manage your house from your fingertips. Areas served include, but are not limited too:

  • Security
  • Climate
  • Theater
  • Audio
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart Lighting & Fans
  • Smart Doors & Locks

No Interest on New HVAC Equipment for 2 Years

Need a new HVAC system? The Comfort Consultants can offer financing on Reem equipment with no interest for 2 years! Book a consult today for an inspection and quote today.
Only $50
Fitz Friend Loyalty Program

Friend Fitz

Fitz’s Friends never have to worry that they’ll be stuck with an AC not working on a 90-degree day, heat that has gone out in February, lights flickering, or plunging a banana out of a toilet. With our monthly membership, each friend receives priority, discounted service, including:

  • 2 free preventative maintenance services each year
  • Always 10% off
  • 24/7 troubleshooting support
  • Credit for every dollar spent
  • Priority Service

Experience the Difference

We treat our team of highly-trained consultants like the professionals they are. In return, they take great pride in their work and treat our customers like friends. 

Hire a Comfort Consultant

Our consultants work hard to ensure your living and working environments are as comfortable as possible, and our owners want to make sure you always feel comfortable work with us. So we always guarantee prompt and respectful communication, efficient and effective solutions, clear pricing with no hidden fees and unexpected charges, professional consultants whom you can trust in your home and places of work.

Become a Comfort Consultant

We care about the success and career trajectory of our team! We want to see you continue to grow in your trade and offer training and assistance to move you from one level to the next.

Doing what’s best for the customer is more important than doing what’s best for our bottom line, we just want you be the hero and bring their comfort back asap!

People Like Us!

All of our clients report being more comfortable and happy after the Comfort Consultants arrive!

Comfort level before the Comfort Consultants arrive
Comfort Level 15%
Comfort level after the Comfort Consultants arrive
Comfort Level 100%

Don't Be Shy

Call us. Text us. Email us. Fill out the contact form. Send smoke signals. We aren’t weird or pushy, and this won’t be awkward. Just pick up your phone  and let us know what’s making you uncomfortable. You won’t be disappointed…well, at least not with our service, knowledge of craft beers, or devastatingly good looks, so just contact us.

Service Areas Include: Frankfort, Georgetown, Lawrenceburg, Lexington, Nicholasville, Sadieville, Wilmore and Versailles 


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